Thursday, January 29, 2015

INFOGRAPHIC: Inside the Eagles' New Front Office Power Dynamics

As your pal ZWR first reported to the world, the Eagles have promoted Ed Marynowitz (allegedly pronounced, "Man-O-Witz") to the title of "VP of Player Personnel," filling the void left in the wake of early January's coup d'Chip.

If anyone is wondering to themselves, "What do these guys do, exactly?" I took it upon myself to create the following extremely detailed look at the new power dynamic inside the Novacare Complex.

Please enjoy, and feel free to share with your friends, relatives and other people who love to consume viral #content:

Good luck, Ed!

 Seriously though, Hail Chip. Chip Kelly A+++ forever.

Thanks for reading! And don't forget to keep it locked to all offseason for all your Eagles and breaking sports news!

Comprehensive @Sixers vs. Pistons Game Recap


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Not Quite a Snow Day #BACHCAP

“Well of course she did that” moment of the ep
ZWR: Kardashian Virgin gave Chris the giantest, sloppiest, face-eating kiss ever and then immediately after it was over, in the same breath, blurted out, "Seriously, like, you don't even know."

The Evster: Jillian flexing and kissing her "bi's" (insider weightlifting term for biceps) after she won the mud run. I've had enough of the kissing your bi's move. It's time for something new. Like spitting on your bi's or biting them or chaining them to a radiator and making them drink out of a water bowl.

Monday, January 26, 2015

BREAKING ZWR EXCLUSIVE: Photographic Evidence of Patriots Cheating

Can't reveal my source(s) on this due to sensitive nature of subject and potential ramifications from NFL. That said, it appears we have our smoking gun...

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Royal Rumble Recap: The People's Champion Stuns Crowd with Dramatic Return

After months away from the ring, The World's Most Electrifying Sports Entertainer returned in a dramatic fashion before a capacity Philadelphia crowd to help Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka capture the Royal Rumble title for the third consecutive year.

Naturally, ZWR photographers were on the scene to capture the biggest moments:

You can practically smell what The Doc is cookin' lol

Rumble winner Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and The People's Champ

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