Wednesday, February 24, 2010


"If you haven't followed @ZooWithRoy or read the blog, you're missing out." -- Bill Baer of Crashburn Alley

"Your blog is blowing up!"
With press and media attention like this, it's easy to see why Fast Company once called I Want to Go to the Zoo With Roy Halladay, "The greatest blog dedicated to visiting a zoo with a former Blue Jays pitcher on the internet today, but don't quote us on that."

"Zoo With Roy (ZWR)" offers your business the unique opportunity to reach some of the biggest donkeys on the internet. With nearly 800 unique visitors from three countries (including Australia), 69 followers on Twitter, a Facebook fan group with two members, and $0.24 of ad revenue, there scarcely exists a better venue for an organization to spread its online marketing message.

Banner ads, provided you can make your own*, can be had for as low as $500 per year. Zoos, naturally, receive a special discount. Incredibly wealthy or fiscally irresponsible folks who simply want to give us money are also welcome. All proceeds will be applied to mortgage and/or daycare payments--as ZWR staff are apparently (and in some cases, surprisingly) virile--in addition to
nag-free Vegas trips** and blog conventions.

But anyway, advertising. Think about it. Also don't forget to inquire about original, one-of-a-kind MS Paint artwork, which can be commissioned for the most economical of budgets. We don't have an e-mail address, so leave us a note in the comments.

* can create a banner ad for sponsors at the production rate of $75 per hour; total labor not to exceed 17 hours total. Political Action Committees are required to provide necessary documentation. AARP members eligible for a 10% discount.

** What, you thought Pai Gow poker chips just magically re-appeared when you were out?! Yeah, so did we until the first time we got thrown out of MGM Grand.


  1. I love that the facebook group is me and Tug Haines and that's it. I don't know why, I just find it incredibly hilarious.

  2. spread the word, maximus. you're our only hope

  3. Well, so far, I've gotten you all of TWO (2!) new group members on facebook. Go me!

  4. Up to six! Keep at it, you gritty bastard.

  5. Hi, where do I sign up for "blog conventions"?

    Also, I love that Google Ads responded to this by showing ads about advertising. Very meta.
    Also also, who doesn't have an email address? Is Gmail charging all of a sudden?

  6. Rabble,

    If the site raises that kind of loot (click those ads people), any money left over from the NOMfest Roy and I have at the zoo (I'm buying) will go towards bringing you to the blog expo. do exist, it do.


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