Saturday, February 13, 2010


Between the ages of 9 and 22, I got to experience one winning season (1993 ftw) by the Phils. While I was in college, we had a .443 winning percentage. I'm not trying to be a sad donkey, just woke up with some perspective subsequently aided by seeing Jay Z on the television this morning before NAG NAG NAG turned on the Food Network. So here's where I am right now, positivity McGee sipping his Whole Foods coffee: this NL East Champs -> NL East Champs + NL Champs (owning the Dodgers in the process) + wFc -> NL East Champs + NL Champs (owning the Dodgers in the process) + man up showing in World Series -> GETTING ROY HALLADAY stretch is like Jay Z showing up to one of my best friend's annual summer parties- and bringing his own beer.

Buoyed by this optimism, this appreciation, this sense of "we are capable of this, and will do this"... I am unable to think that I won't get to hang out at Bear Country with Harry Leroy Halladay III this summer. We're the Phillies!!!

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