Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Doors Opening" - Some April 5 Info

Since I'm located in the DC area, I want to, as best I can, give the loyal folks coming down for the Season Opener (Roy Halladay's first complete game as a Phillies) some tips on getting to the stadium, where to get drunked, etc.

This is only slightly compromised by the fact that I don't really know a ton about this place. However, I do know the Metro (which rules), and a bar with twelvity billion beers that's at a station you need. As such, the first in what may or may not be a series of information for those of you making the trip...


  1. I'll be coming up from Branch Avenue (transplant to Southern Maryland), we'll be joining the Phillies Nation tailgate.
    But I don't mind heading a few stops up to Chinatown after the game for a bajillion beers. Kidnapping Roy and bringing him along is a good idea, right?

  2. Dunn Loring -> L'Enfant -> Navy Yard FTW!

  3. holy shit there's a polar bear on that subway train!!


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