Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rattle the SABRs

You may or may not know this, but I've long taken a Sabermetrician's approach to the game. At the same time, I put a lot of stock in anecdotal recollection and personal bias. In relation to this insanely successful blog's even more successful subject, I've spent some time of late developing a pitching rating to quantify, in layman's terms, "awesomeness (exclusive of defense or playing on a donkey team) combined with want-to-go-to-the-zoo-with-ability". I call it the GROwL ©. It's in Beta testing, but so far here's a sampling of the output's leaders (followed by an explanation of the calculation).

Halladay, PHI, 3.96
Lincecum, SF, 1.82
Hamels, PHI, 1.76
Padilla, LAD, 1.36
Santana, NYM, #DIV/0!

GROwL = (5.472 - 12.9(SO*HBP)) + (BABIP - (.3)(ERA+))/(3.713(GBIP))/PA)+(W/W3)/VORP^2 / How much I want to see penguins eat lunch with him

The results, naturally, shouldn't come as a surprise.


  1. I can't wait to read how your math skills look after a few 3am feedings a couple weeks from now. Halladay v. Lincecum should be close for the Cy Young. I'll take Halladay by a nose.

  2. somewhere, Bill James just added Happy Feet to his Netflix queue


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