Monday, February 8, 2010

Top 3 Superbowl commercials featuring zoo animals

3. The one with the killer whale in the back of a pickup truck
I have no idea what this commercial was selling, but I distinctly remember an orca flying out of the back of a truck at high speed. While the standard zoo does not have aquatic life, we'll consider Sea World a zoo for the purposes of this exercise. I could totally imagine Roy getting all drenched by Shamu XXIII or whatever while we're sitting in the "splash zone". His cotton candy will be totally ruined!

2. Chickens screaming for thirty straight seconds
I have no idea what this commercial was selling, but I do remember a bunch of a chickens wearing people clothing screaming obnoxiously, as though this is going to somehow get me to buy their cell phone or whatever. Technically I don't think there are any chickens in a normal zoo either, but there are turkey vultures! I'll bet they're real boring to look at, unless you happen to be wearing a neon glow necklace and hanging out with Roy Halladay.

1. The one with the midget Kiss band
LOL, midgets! Always good for major league lulz. And just imagine midgets in a zoo! Wouldn't it be great if society's little people were marginalized; their lives put on display so the rest of us could have a laugh?! Oh, wait. What? We've done that joke already? Dammit. Oh well I'm not rewriting this blog post.

There you have it. The definitive list of best Superbowl commercials featuring zoo animals. Share it on Facebook or Friendster with your pals, relatives, co-workers, and other donkey acquaintances who you wouldn't mind letting know that you read a blog about visiting the zoo with Roy Halladay. They'll totally think you're cool.


  1. He's not the best staffer in the industry for nothing, folks!

  2. For whatever it's worth, the whale one was Bridgestone. I know this because it score me a point in the commercial game.


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