Thursday, February 4, 2010

Zookeeping and the Art of Mustache Maintenance

Recently I was compiling research for a multi-million dollar consulting project on behalf of large global conglomerate when I happened upon the Wikipedia entry for one Harry Leroy Halladay III. As I often do with regard to most open and/or crowd-sourced efforts, I automatically assumed 90% of everything on his this so called web site was absolute useless low brow dreck. But on this particular day, something caught my eye.

While skimming the poorly written section titled, "Approach to Pitching" I almost got sick when I read the following:

In an interview with The Globe and Mail, Halladay noted that overusing his cutter in 2006 caused some discomfort towards the end of the season...
My God, is Roy capable of feeling pain?!

Was his technique anything but flawless? Was I sold a bill of goods? How could this be? Is he not the so called horse I was led to believe? Immediately my pulse began to race as I imagined our hero writhing in pain, his season ended with a stint to the DL, the hopes of billions of Phillies fans permanently crushed. But most importantly--I worried about this blog. Would an arm injury for Roy preclude him from visiting the zoo with us? Anxiety turned to sheer panic.

Luckily, I held back the bile long enough to read the next sentence:

In 2007, Halladay regained confidence in his cutter, crediting his catcher Sal Fasano for suggesting a grip change.
Instantly I could breath easier. Knowing that Roy had fixed any absurdly unlikely imperfections in his pitching mechanics made me feel whole again. And even better, it was Phillie cult legend Sal Fasano that helped Roy in his darkest hour.

Putting the man in fu manchu.

Once again, this blog began to feel like destiny.

Especially after a routine Google search for "What zoo animal does Sal Fasano most resemble" turned up the following:

The quote of the day came from new catcher Sal Fasano, who joined his seventh major league team in six years:

“You’re just an animal sometimes, and you go from zoo to zoo.”

Indeed, Sal. Indeed.

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