Monday, March 29, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Barack Obama to throw out first cutter on April 5

ZOMG! This only adds more hype to what was already going to be the greatest moment of all-time...

To commemorate Roy Halladay's first appearance as a Phillie, Barry will be on hand to keep it smooth, and also throw out the first pitch. One can only assume that he'll be getting pre-game CUTTER tips from Roy Halladay's game face. No word yet on whether they'll be going to the zoo after Roy's perfect game.

This also of course means that getting in and out of the stadium will be a nightmare, what with the rocket launchers, snipers and all. No seriously, get there early. Or, you could always refer to ZWR's handy DC travel guide.

Seriously people, people are getting cuttered on April 5. So cuttered. (Now in t-shirt form! Get yours before opening day!)

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