Friday, March 5, 2010

A Conversation with Shawn Andrews

Zoo With Roy was lucky enough to have an extensive conversation* recently with Pro Bowl offensive lineman, Philadelphia Eagle, and general awesomehead Shawn Andrews. Naturally, we asked the question on everyone's mind:

ZWR: Hey- I have a blog about going to the zoo with Roy Halladay. What's YOUR favorite animal?

SA: LOL.... I would have to say penguins because we have a similar walk.....

ZWR: Word! I'll send you the link to my world famous blog once I post this exclusive.

SA: World famous eh???

ZWR: I had like 100 views yesterday, yo.

SA: Sweet..... Kudos on that.

ZWR: Thanks, Shawn Andrews.

Thanks to #73 for indulging us, and his time. Root him on folks- he's good people. Additionally, a quick note to any of our readers who happen to be professional athletes: if you want to tell us what your favorite animal is, we will let you.

penguins ftw

* like three Twitter thingies

Post-Publishing Edit: Shawn Andrews is the nicest guy ever! Here's his follow-up: "Hey just read that... Thanks a billion bro.. All the best w/ the blog and future endeavors....Respekt...."


  1. Yeah, this pretty much blows my name getting dropped by John Finger completely out of the water.


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