Friday, March 26, 2010

Hi! It's Friday.


Mammal Madness!!! © update: Alas, ZWR Executive Director of Facebook intern Max and Meech (of the bestest Phillies site on the planet for the none of you that know ZWR but not The Fightins) are both mathematically eliminated. Ryan Lawrence, Delco Times beat writer and the holder of a Master's Degree from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism (look for one of his conversations with ZWR to be featured in their alumni magazine), is so eliminated that we may have to consider a probationary entry for him next season. Komrade Panda? More to come. Trust me.

Funny conversation with NAG NAG NAG last night at dinner:

ZWR: "So I think we're gonna win in this round of the bracket competition."
NNN: "I want new counter tops!"
ZWR: "It's good, because we could get some publicity and more viewers."
NNN: "Make me a skinny latte!"

Roy pitched yesterday... update to come later. I kinda just wanted to say good morning, y'all.

OH!- if you're a Twitter follower you got to see a non-bolg .gif yesterday that made fun of the Mets. It's like when Yellow Ledbetter was a secret squirrel offering or something. So, ummm, there you go.

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