Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Huge" ZWR Celebrity Endorsements!

So we may not win this thing (omg if you haven't voted for us in THE PHIELD, please please please go do it now. srsly, we're behind by like a billionty votes), but even if we don't, it was worth it.

I mean, wow. Who knew that Wheels and Sarge were such big fans! This is so exciting I might just go buy them a new ZWR logo t-shirt and mail it to CBP. Okay, probably not. Well, maybe if they'll give one to Roy and post a Twitpic of him holding it up.

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  1. Well. I have no friends to tell to vote but I did the next best thing ... I put up an entry on DailyKos. Sure it is probably against the rules and might get me banned from the site (latte sipping elitist libruls) but maybe we can get a few extra votes in our battle with THE MAN.!!


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