Sunday, March 7, 2010


Isn't that a great title- Woot? It says it all. But why? Because my tickets for the season opener arrived this weekend. Generally, this would get a yay, but this year it's a woot- because of Roy. Because all of the excitement surrounding just how tremendous in every regard (the cutter, the work ethic, the hilarious discipleship of Kyle Kendrick, etc.) he is. Because my cousin is coming down from Philly with a group of eleven folks and I'm fairly certain half will get arrested. Because I get to take off work and it'll be the end of a four day weekend. Because I'll be high on Cadbury eggs. Because I don't even have to drive to the Nats donkey ballpark and there's a 73% chance I'll be some variation of drunked. Because there are gonna be 63 people wearing Werth beards in right field. I mean, it's just totally woot. Enjoy these times.

Oh... and here's a picture of a snow leopard cub with humongous paws:

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