Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ZWR Time Capsule

So in playing around with this blog thingy I've discovered the ability to set posts to publish at specific points in the future. It has come in handy, because ZWR basically swims in a sea of brilliance (we ARE waving, NOT drowning), and don't want to put like four face-breakers out there all at once. What does it mean here and now you ask? I'll tell you! It means that you get to email your predictions for Roy Halladay's season opening performance in DC this coming Monday, which I'll compile in a post and set to "wake up" (oh, should I have put in an Arcade Fire link?) on Tuesday morning. I don't set rules, so feel free to go prose narrative or statsy (IP, ER, K, BB, WHIP) or write a poem or whatever you want to do. The person who predicts the CUTTEREDs and SO CUTTEREDs correctly (8 Strikeouts = 4C, 4SC, 9 Strikeouts = 5C, 4SC) gets acknowledgment, which is incredibly special. We'll do this going forward, so don't be sad if you totally mess up.

So send them in: zoowithroy@gmail.com. Deadline is Saturday at 3:18PM.

It just hit you. When did he actually write this? I know I'm reading it now, but he said...


  1. Would Cuttered mean a K looking and SO-CUTTERED mean K swinging?

  2. i think it is only fitting that a blog dedicated to the awesomeness that is Roy and Zoos has the power to manipulate space and time ... but you should at least be honest with us, don't chalk it up to "blog technology" ... admit it The Doctor came and granted you exclusive use of the Tardis because he too wants to go to the zoo with roy halladay.

  3. Heathcliff SlocumbApril 1, 2010 at 7:50 AM

    @JwSteiert - "Cuttered" is when a batter goes, "Srsly?" and "So Cuttered" is when a batter goes, "ZOMG!"


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