Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brent Celek's Twitter Background

Dear Brent Celek,

You put the word out yesterday via Twitter that you wanted a customized Twitter background. Although technically the contest is over and you have already chosen the winner, I thought you might still enjoy this background I created for you. You don't have to send an autograph if you don't want, but perhaps you can use it as the alternative background that you break out only every once in a while, like those powder blue and gold atrocities the Eagles merchandising department offended us with a few seasons ago, in that one game where Kevin Curtis had like 300 yards and 4 touchdowns against the Lions--I think it was during your rookie year. '

Anyway, as you may know, I am the internet's foremost expert on MS Paint artwork, and frankly, I'm quite proud of this latest creation. I hope you enjoy it, and that you consider using it on your Twitter account. It's not formatted properly, but I think we can all agree, it rules. Just look at the block you're throwing on that Redskin (most likely Haynesworth), or the way you're hurdling Michael Jenkins as he feebly tries to dive at your knees. I mean, I even worked in the Captain Morgan celebration pose that you got flagged and fined $10,000 for (you better have a whole basement full of spiced rum right now, sheeeesh). But seriously. Thanks for reading. And go Birds.

Best Regards,
I Want to Go to the Zoo With Roy Halladay, MBA

Click for bigger view of Brent pwning the NFC East, NFL policies.


  1. I don't know how he could not love it and use it regularly. I mean, you are the foremost expert on MS Paint and this background is a masterpiece.

  2. I want to go bowling with Brent Celek.

  3. For some reason the figure in the upper left of this reminds me of a scrambling Randall in Tecmo Super Bowl. Pick shotgun formation, then run #12, worked every time.

  4. when will you be having a gallery showing in Old City on First Friday?

  5. Randall? You mean QB Eagles, right?

  6. You want to go to the zoo with Roy, that guy wants to go bowling with Brent Celek. Screw all of that. I want to go hunting with Trent Cole.

  7. How come everyone has the same handwriting on MS Paint?


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