Sunday, April 25, 2010

Go Bye Bye

It's Sunday morning, but I just woke up thinking about old Saturday cartoons and am fairly certain that a Phillies version of Muppet Babies would be just about the greatest thing ever. Baby Chooch would always have an ice cream cone, baby Polanco a giant head, baby Jimmy would be oh so cool, baby Werth a space cadet... you get the point I mean it's the same thing as the Muppets; and of course Roy would want to go to the zoo, if only Charlie (whose upper half we never see) would let them out of the house. Ha! Okay I need to go get some coffee.


  1. glorious, though i imagine werth as an Animal type creature. a little bearded baby.

    oh, gross.

  2. this absolutely made my day.

  3. So I was totally bracing myself for a Wertz revolution face jumping in at the end, like that video to vote for ZWR during the Phield.

    It's also werth noting that I'm very excited about the re-emerging relevance of my Wertz Revolution tee now that The Beard has quickly returned. That dude has some serious testosterone.



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