Monday, April 19, 2010

I Want to Comment on Zoo-Related Phillies Promotions

Kerri was kind enough to share the following video, which features the "Zooperstars" dancing at the Phanatic's birthday. Zoo? Animals dancing? The Phanatic? Yes, please to all three. Here goes:

Additionally, ZWR favorite and super-brainiac Mabel sent along this pic of Ken Giraffee Jr (who, not surprisingly, seemed to have injured himself):

Combine these with the Phillies and zoo working together to promote the latter's Creatures of Habitat exhibit and we had ourselves an entertaining little homestand to start things out. I approve.


  1. I saw a lady working the concession stand with a button on her hat that said, "I belong in a zoo" with the Philadelphia Zoo logo on it. I tried to snap a pic, but it wasn't in focus.

  2. Thanks for creating the Phils-centered bolg I wish I had created. Doc + zoo animals = awesomeness.

    So awesome I just ordered my "so cuttered" t-shirt.

  3. My favorite part was the "Superman that Ho" dance. Great for the kids!


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