Sunday, April 11, 2010

On the Big Screen

Mike Wallace: ZWR, do you like scoreboard pictures?

ZWR: Motherducker (they high five), you know I do!

So Ryan Lawrence, in between a Shiner run and trying to get some free retro Astros gear at the game last night, sent in the following. All I can say is "wow" (and man that's a photoshopportunity). The Astros sure do stink, but at least they know how to enter into promotional agreements with worthwhile entities.

Know who else did (and maybe still does I don't know yet)? Your Philadelphia Phillies! Awesomehead ZWR reader phillygirl17 sent this bucket of "yes, please" in shortly after the t-shirt mooch did.

You guys rule. Keep it up.

How great is it that beat writers are sending in photos from games? I approve of this trend, and encourage it continue.

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  1. Gotta fit the high five in the middle there, that's pro. Don't want that stuff getting forgotten if you wait until the end of the sentence.


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