Friday, April 16, 2010

Reader-generated Content: Roy's 150th Win in Houston

Reader Hunkie McDreamie (audible groan) posted this face-breaking video to the official ZWR Facebook fan page earlier today. You should all watch it. No, go ahead. Watch it now.

ZWR is a multimedia empire, and we love fan generated content for the bolg. Not just because it's awesome and we have the greatest and hippest and most talented (if not possibly unstable) readers in the world, but also because it means we can afford to be less original and creative from time to time. It's really a win-win. We get a lot of stuff sent in, so don't be a sad if your creation doesn't appear on the bolg right away. Keep sending it. We'll get to it. Some day. Maybe. We love pictures, too.


  1. why is there a groan?! you're the one who started calling him that.

  2. Wow- this is impressive. Way better than anything ZWR could make. I bet Hunkie can also take out the recycling, too.

  3. actually no, completely incapable of dealing with trash or even the concept of recycling. he does however clean the bathroom.


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