Thursday, April 22, 2010

Roy Halladay as Charles Dickens

SRHPY is still in the works, but in advance of that permit for a moment the analogy that hit me as a I bought my coffee this morning: Roy Halladay as Charles Dickens. The man produces- has produced this season- an overwhelming and densely impressive (low pitch counts, strike to ball ratio, first pitch strikes, etc.), body of work. The record and statistics speak to that. What strikes me (and maybe it's because now every five days we have to find a fresh way of saying "omg he's so awesome") in the present retrospect is that the sheer volume of awesomeness in no way dilutes it. Take it individually, and then collectively, and it's just loving loving loving Roy. Think about it, to date: Great Expectations -> A Tale of Two Cities (Sorry Astros, but you stink) -> Oliver Twist -> Our Mutual Friend. BOOM! Sooooo much there, and yet you're powerless to do anything other than speak to the merit anew despite the previous review glowing. A masterpiece is a masterpiece, folks.

I so cannot wait to go to the zoo with this guy.


  1. That was a lot to take in at this hour. I'm just gonna go with "omg he's so awesome".

  2. this is the greatest website since google

  3. Hey guess who just had funnel cake with his lunch? THIS GUY

  4. Esoteric, very esoteric. I knew there was a reason I got that masters degree in English.


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