Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zoo Before Roy Potential; He Got This

I've got some good news for the Phillies fans in the Atlanta area (and even the 1,400 Braves fans who will attend tonight's game): Zoo Atlanta- does that sound oddly European to anyone else?- is crazy close to Turner Field. Check it in the pic below- only a mile away. ZWR's suggestion: leave work early, head to the zoo (it closes at 5:30), nom some funnel cake while looking at big cats, and then watch Roy Halladay be all, "Oh, I will in fact tread on you" to the Braves hitters in ending this little skid. To that last point, who isn't supremely confident that's exactly what Roy will do? Dominant opener -> out-deuling another ace ->  face-breaking home debut -> put a halt to a losing streak. It just follows. Thank you in advance, Doc.

Oh, and don't forget to pepper @bravesorganist with hip song suggestions. 

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