Monday, April 26, 2010

The Zoo With Roy Red Pandamonium Twitter Follow-and-Adopt-A-Thon

Okay, we're going to try and make this quick, while you're still hungover from the weekend and/or the Muppet Babies theme song is still stuck in your head. Because if there's one thing we know about ZWR readers, it's that they're super-busy, important people with huge IQ's and no patience for self-promotional puffery. But anyway, here's the deal:

If we get 1,034 Twitter followers ( by midnight, May 14, 2010, ZWR is going to officially adopt a Red Panda from the Philadelphia Zoo.

Wait, what, you're saying... I know. Awesome idea. But that's really all there is to it. I mean, just think of how awesome it will be for us--and you, by proxy, dear readers-- to have our very own red panda. You'll be able to visit it and say, "OMG that's probably my Red Panda that I helped adopt!" or whatever. And they're pretty much the coolest animals ever, despite their somewhat over-hyped fascist tendencies.

Here's a look at what the adoption kit includes (assuming we hit the magic Twitter number*):
  • Personalized ADOPT Certificate
  • 4 x 6 color photo of your animal (omg yes please)
  • Animal Fact Sheet
  • Philadelphia Zoo email newsletters
  • Invitation for two to ADOPT Day (includes admission to the Philadelphia Zoo)
ADOPT Day is held the first Saturday in October and includes special keeper talks, animal feedings, behind the scenes tours, a cake cutting ceremony and much, much more
So please, by all means, get out there and promote on our behalf. I mean, this bolg rules. And who doesn't love Red Pandas? Just think of how happy Roy will be when a website about visiting the zoo with him has over 1,000 twitter followers!

Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but we were just imagining what it might be like around the ZWR offices if we adopted a Red Panda or two, and we think this video pretty much nails it:

*let's be honest, even if we don't hit the magic number--and there is a high probability that this will be a glorious, yet charming failure-- we're so adopting a red panda for the bolg anyway. But yes, please, get us a billionty Twitter followers. kthx.

We felt it should go unstated, but bonus points to anyone who knows the significance of May 14 without looking it up.


  1. Last Seinfeld episode or the day Ol' Blue Eye's passed.

  2. Actually, isn't that the birthday of one Doc Halladay?

  3. The day before my birthday, doy.

  4. Little Shop of Horrors released in Germany, 1987

  5. Haha. May 14th is the birthday of my ex NAG. But my guess would be Roy's B-day (though it's also significant that it's 3 days after my birthday)

  6. please tell me i am allowed to buy the adopted Komrade Panda a Soviet Red Star military cap? and that there will be an endeavour to take a picture of said Komrade Panda in said cap at said Adoption Day ...

    ps: where's that tmz photo of roy following penquin rules at the zoo i sent in? :)

  7. Awesome.

    Totally off-topic, but my mom and sister (from Philly) came to visit me in NY this weekend -- they were helping me do some wedding-dress shopping -- and they brought me a copy of April 10th's Phils-centric Philadelphia Magazine. The highlight of the weekend was reading Roy's response to the fill-in-the-blank statement: "My pets are..."

    The response: "Three dogs, two cats, three guinea pigs, a parrot and a bunch of fish. And oh yeah - four horses." I can't believe this man wouldn't jump at a chance to go to the zoo.

    Sorry if it's already been discussed. I was excited. (Acquiring a wedding dress was exciting too, I guess.)


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