Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DID YOU HEAR?! Three More Home Dates to Pad Phils' "Bearded Piggy Bank"

Yet again scooped by the mainstream media (great job, USA Today!), the Phillies blogosphere was abuzz today with the announcement that the Phillies' June series with the Toronto Blue Jays would not be held in Toronto, for fear of hippies putting a total harsh on Jayson Werth's mellow by protesting the G8/20/whatever summit event that's taking place during the same dates.

Ever fearful of aimless hippies, the powers that be in Major League Baseball naturally decided to move the series to good ol' Citizen Bank Park--a move that caused a quasi-popular beat writer in the mainstream media to speculate via a microblogging internet service that the presumed additional revenue could be put to use signing a finely bearded right fielder headed towards free agency:

And like that, the bearded piggy bank became a recurring character on ZWR


  1. July 6th Giveaway: Bearded Piggy Banks for all bearded fans 21 and older courtesy of Bearded Citizen's Bank.

  2. i'm sure this has been brought up before, but why not sell beards at the games w/ all proceeds going to the bearded piggy bank?!

  3. I pray to the amlighty bearded piggy bank.

  4. I, for one, welcome our new bearded piggy bank overlords.

  5. Shouldn't that piggy bank be shown awesomely smashing another double down the right field line?

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