Tuesday, May 18, 2010

FAN ART, YO (cont'd)

Oh, man- this one's good. ZWR zealot David sent it in, and it has so many fun elements: David Wright's giant helmet, Wertz hijinx ("hikinx'd!"), superb teamwork, Harry the Penguin in a box, ZWR lingo... a true delight for us all in the form of a backdoor cutter.

Yes, Please

ADDITIONALLY, Lauren and Leigh were kind enough to pass along this photo, which they claim to be from Milwaukee, though I assume it to actually have been taken after about eleventeen Old Milwaukees. To be honest, I don't care about the details, because it's absolutely hilarious and features my favorite kind of piggy bank: THE BEARDED PIGGY BANK. For real, there can never be enough of this.

BPB... Head Asploded

You guys rule. Thanks, donkeys!

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  1. werth delivering the backdoor cutter may be the best thing i've ever seen.


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