Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday Greetings

The little guy was so juiced about his first official holiday as part of the family that he uploaded a pic of himself to lolcats and made you all a card. He's very excited (the long weekend, opening the ZWR pool, BBQ, only a few AP tests left to take (fingers crossed on that one, ha!) and then a wide open summer, etc.), and we do of course wish all of you a great day. Have fun and be well.

Oh, and he also says "Let's Go Flyers!"


  1. No way they'll beat the hawks! West is Best!

  2. Anon, it's pointless to argue with a Red Panda. They're hockey experts!

  3. is it weird that i really care about the upbringing of this panda? if thats wrong, then i dont wanna be right


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