Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'll Bet He Has Dashboard Confessional on his iPod

Roy: We need to get him a "Cuttered" shirt

ZWR: Oh, man...

Roy: What?!

ZWR: You don't think that's in poor taste?

Roy: Dude, he's an emu. An emo emu!

ZWR: No, I got it.

Roy: You're such a dork. What are you nine years old eating cotton candy?

ZWR: An emo emu, get it!

Roy: Whatever. Go draw a donkey... donkey!

ZWR: Okay now that one was good.


  1. Roy has got some "cutting" remarks of his own, busting on your cotton candy like that. I bet he's still tweaked from Sunday's game. He doesn't like to lose. EVER.

  2. You missed a wonderful opportunity for a Morrissey reference.

  3. wait so you went to the zoo already?!


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