Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh Hey a Girl!, Sarah Baicker Interviews Luis Castillo

Fan Carolyn sent in last night the below, proof that ZWR apparel isn't just limited to white guys drinking in parking lots. So, woot! And keep the pics rolling in.

(Sweetie next time move like ten feet closer to the field!)

A transcript from Sarah Baiker's podcast:

SB: So Luis, and permit my asking this, but are you afraid to face Roy Halladay?
LC: Not so much, Sarah. I despair over having to hit against him, though.
SB: So there's a difference?
LC: Oh, very much so. As has been written:

The difference between Despair 
And Fear is like the One
Between the instant of a Wreck
And when the Wreck has been
The Mind is smooth—no Motion
Contented as the Eye
Upon the Forehead of a Bust
That knows—it cannot see—

SB: Emily Dickinson, no?
LC: Correct. I am a big fan.


  1. haha. Sarah Baiker is a fucking dumb fuckface. I don't usually have a problem with women sports reporters but obviously she's dumb as a rock.


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