Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ohai! Bolg Email

Lots of good emails come in, and each is appreciated, but the following hit all the right notes and made me incredibly happy on what wasn't the best of days:

Hey ZWR!

Check out this amazing dare-devil penguin I saw when I was driving on the Vine Street Expressway. Maybe he can inspire the Phils to be more devil-ish with their bats! Awesome bolg you got goin. I showed it to my mom and she now only refers to Werth as "Wertz", calls me a donkey, and almost wet herself from laughter after reading the first "NAG NAG NAG" post.

Keep up the good work! GO PHILS!

ZWR reader Pete

Notice the safe following distance

So here's what just cracked me up, picture along:

Pete's Mom: OMG Wertz is up next!!!
Pete: Only if overpaid Howard doesn't make an out.
Pete's Mom: Dude you're such a donkey.

Right? Thanks Pete's Mom, you rule!

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  1. Headline: MLB orders Phillies to replay all Halladay's losses/no decisions r/t lack of run support. Halladay wins Cy Young, is crowned King of the Animal Kingdom. G


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