Sunday, May 2, 2010

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (5.1.10 vs. The Mets)

The lead in- Phils struggling a tad, the Mets are "surging", it's freakishly hot for early May, I don't know how Roy even did last game. The move along- It's still hot, Roy's pitch count is high come the fifth inning, we're up big. The of course that happened- second half of the game he doesn't throw more than eleven pitches in any inning and faces 13 donkeys in the final four, doing things like this to their hitters (causing even Baseball Reference to be like, "I lol'd"):

But what's the line ZWR?!?!?!
Complete Game
3 Hits
1 Walk
6 Ks (4 C, 2 SC)
1 BIGPELF© dominated
GROwL Rating - "Bangin"(see below)

Pretty self-explanatory

In short, everyone should love how great Roy Halladay is; I so can't wait to go to the zoo with him.


  1. that last graph really drives home what I've been saying all along.

  2. I was proud to mention that the Mets were "cuttered" by HLHIII on my college radio's sports talk show today. The Mets fan/co-host LOL'd.


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