Thursday, May 13, 2010

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (5.12.10 vs. Rockies)

So Roy Halladay pitched yesterday against the increasingly annoying Rockies, only he was supposed to pitch yesterday's yesterday, but the weather was all, "Dude I'm in Colorado and I stink". Eh, whatever.

And it was kind of an "eh, whatever" start, truth be told. Perhaps that's the silver lining--it was, for Roy, a "bad" outing, yet he only gave up two earned runs in 6.33333333333 innings (despite a heavy workload and a bunch of hits) and left us in a position to win the game. Can I do this? Why not, it's my bolg, right? That game stunk and I'm done writing about it.

Happy Stuff

Roy was kind enough to pose for a picture with bolg fan Jessica, who just so happened to be wearing her ZWR shirt. Woot!

Look at the Rockies packin' the stadium for another mid-February sellout


  1. that's a great shot of Roy, he really presented himself nicely for that photo

  2. Polanco totally photobombed that shot with his massive dome.

  3. Which pose is Roy doing? It kinda looks like 'Magnum'

  4. damn look at roy cheesin' it up!


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