Friday, May 7, 2010

Update: Roy Halladay Stuffed Animal Win Tally

6 wins, yet 5 animals. Perplexing. (UPDATE: ZWR stands corrected. Faithful readers have pointed what appears to be a STEALTH NINJA OTTER laying on the table in front of Icy Tea penguin. We've sent the pic off to the lab in Quantico for further analysis.)

That is all for now. More on Roy's performance coming later today in the form of SRHPY. Other big things in store today as well.


  1. I see 6. Polar bear, Pokey the horse, elephant, ICY TEA PENGUIN!!!, tiger, and #6 is hiding in front of the elephant and penguin

  2. I think there's a sixth animal in front of the Icy Tea penguin and the elephant. I can't tell what it is though.

  3. I think it's a ninja otter.

  4. I think we're gonna need a bigger table

  5. More stuffed animalssssssss!!!!!!


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