Monday, May 10, 2010

VOTE FOR CHOOCH! sounded the bugles this morning (is that what got sounded?), and we can't agree more: Chooch needs to be in the Pre-Octubre Classic. You know who else agrees, as if that's not enough? Roy Halladay!

So get to it! But in another browser window. You can also spread the message with this. Totally support that.


  1. lol i love the 'please' on the shirt. carlos would be polite about it.

    also, stern roy is amazing in all ways.

  2. ZWR Director of Marketing just wanted to pass this along to the head donkey:

    MAKE UP YOUR MIND, DONKEY! RT @ryanlawrence21 Ruiz only regular to never make AllStar team. Is this his year?

  3. Chooch is 4th in the NL in batting average!!!!!!!

  4. I always want to be on your side
    Love to look at your smile
    You may not understand it
    Very special moment today
    Much of my time i was thinking of you


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