Saturday, May 15, 2010

What An Effort!

I tell people that the bolg has the coolest readers/fans ever and they faintly humor me. I tell the Nag and she asks me to DVR The Real Housewives of Baltimore. I Twitterer Ryan Lawrence and he asks me to mail him a scarf. BUT every once in a while, like a proud parent or teacher, I get to throw something in everybody's (soon to be broken) faces and those donkeys are left with no other alternative but to agree with me. And they will say, "You know what, ZWR's readers truly are of the most tremendous sort." So it happened when I received an email from a chap named Dave who, in the face of Jim Tracy's painfully weaksauce retort to Charlie's hilarious "keep crying",...
"We don't cry here. I want to make that clear right now. We work very hard."
 ... decided to take matters into his own hands and remind the Rockies skipper of just what the Phillies have going for them BY ORDERING HIM ONE OF OUR "STINKS TO BE YOU" SHIRTS!!! Let that sink in for a second. Here's the visual proof (with some slight additions by me):

Kudos to Dave; Phillies fans everywhere and we here are all proud of you.


  1. ok, that is completely facebreaking!

  2. Dave - I am proud to have grown up with you!

  3. well done, david. the oreland-wyndmoor little league alumni office is proud of you.


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