Friday, May 14, 2010

ZWR Exclusive: Jimmy Rollins Rehab Update

From sources close to and/or around the situation, ZWR this morning has learned that Jimmy was recently spotted, "running like a cheetah with thoughts of an assassin."

While the source was unable to confirm or deny the current state of Jimmy's flow, he or she did speculate that Jimmy's posse appeared to be at or near optimal effect.


  1. Then Jimmy picked the Mac up, told brothers back up, the Mac spit.
    Lead was hittin ni**as, one ran, I made him backflip

  2. i gotta say... that's the cutest picture of the Rollins i've ever seen...

  3. Nas is like....half man, half pizza. What?

  4. I always want to be on your side
    Love to look at your smile
    You may not understand it
    Very special moment today
    Much of my time i was thinking of you


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