Monday, June 21, 2010

Capturing the Zeitgeist (File under: Strasburg, Stephen; Strasboner)


ZOMG color options: Red | Navy Blue

Now before everyone goes all silly and starts accusing ZWR of selling out for the sake of a quick buck (or a million, whatever), take a moment to consider the worldwide economic downturn, the imperative for all businesses to properly capitalize on foreign market opportunities, and NAG NAG NAG's compulsion to buy every single pair of shoes available on Zappos. Look, I live in DC Metro, so I already have the local on-the-ground expertise necessary to know that shirt is going to sell, according to my back-of-the-envelope calculations and capitalistic instincts when it comes to the fact that the Nationals don't have any real fans but are all of a sudden now tripling attendance, approximately eleventy-twelve.

And, as long as we're all being honest with each other, I'm not going lie--I do actually have a bit of a Strasboner myself. Don't you?

UPDATE: PG-13 version now available!



  1. Fuck. I just got my "SO PERFECT" shirt. Now I have to pay shipping on another one.

  2. I have a feeling that Obama is suffering from the same. Why else would he refuse to stand up and do the wave?

  3. Holy shit. Best thing Obama has done yet. The wave is garbage, pay attention to the game instead of the stands.

    I've got a Strasboner. This shirt is excelent

  4. BS. You've already outgrown us ZWR. Just like Chuck Barkley, you're taking the fame you gained in the City of Brotherly Love and parlaying it into untold millions. I hope you gamble it all away like he did.

    Philly Yo

  5. This is treason. ZWR has betrayed the Phillies with this garbage.

  6. Can't wait to mail you a turd after you transition this to Zoo With Stras

  7. In an effort to get better TV ratings, Nationals games will now be titled "Dancing With the Stras"


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