Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free Tickets to Roy's (first) Perfect Game!

Oh, hey donkeys. Do you want two tickets to Roy Halladay's perfect game? For real, I have some and would be happy to give them to you for free.

"But ZWR, those things were face value plus fees."

No, I know it. I bought them.

"Roy Halladay's perfect game?"


"That's spectacular. You're really just gonna give them away?"

Yup... provided you're the first person to accomplish one of the following incredibly unique feats:
  • Send in a picture of yourself, wearing a ZWR jawn, with a current Phillies player, who has to be pointing at your shirt.
  • Send in a picture of yourself and a current Phillies player together holding a sign that reads "Girl don't trip, visit Zoo With Roy".
  • Have a letter to the editor published in The Atlantic that compares this site to the topic of one of their dork articles.
  • Convince Frankie MacDonald to record and upload an exclusive Phillies game recap for the bolg.

      A $32 $42 $57 value! Thanks, Ticketmaster!


      1. Easy. Task #1, I mean. My ZWR "So Perfect" shirt is in the mail, and the Phillies are due in Toronto in two weeks.

        OH WAIT. YOU FUCKERS STOLE OUR SERIES. This is going to make it harder to get a current Phillies player to point at the shirt.

        Go Jays.

      2. Best part? It says "ROY" on the ticket. Snap, yo.


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