Sunday, June 6, 2010

Panda = Named, SRHPF

I mean, you kind of already know this, but the little guy deserves every bit of ceremony he can get and there's no need to ever question the value of formality when it comes to naming your very first red panda. After an extensive vote, and then a "re-vote" following Roy Halladay's perfect game (as covered here by sports bolg I Want to Go to the Zoo with Roy Halladay), it has been decided- by the people- that we're going with (as first suggested by ZWR enthusiast Matt) Sir Perfect McPoptart of Cutterham.

Dare I say Woot? Woot.

As you may have noticed, today isn't yesterday, and Roy Halladay actually pitched on Friday night. Permit this slipping a day- it's been a goofy weekend. Anyhow, Roy did what was needed to get the win against the Padres. While I wouldn't say- particularly in light of his previous start- that he downright demolished and/or melted faces, he did break seven of them (hairline fractures?) while stopping the ridiculous skid that our heros were on. Oh and he's 8-3 with a 1.03 WHIP, yo.

And keep in mind that we view things from the lens of those who see his every start ("oh man only two runs and seven Ks in seven innings of a win ho hum"); less frequent observers still are awarded the fresh experience of awe. Said Chase Headley (albeit perhaps a tad overdramatic with the military thing in reaching for Wilfred Owen) following the game in response to how he'd describe his young teammates attempting to hit Halladay, "it was an ecstacy of fumbling". WAIT WHAT. Chase Headley, you can't hide your references deep enough! You went to Lilith Fair, didn't you?


  1. i want to go to the zoo with i want to go to the zoo with roy halladayJune 6, 2010 at 11:02 AM

    This is good work

    congratulation good sir

  2. Just added this to my resume.


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