Monday, June 28, 2010

Ross Gload Has a Rake

At 10:51 AM (Canadian Time), on Friday June 25, the internet web blog "The Blue Jay Hunter" posted a feature, written by me, in which it was noted that, "Ross Gload is raking."

Between the hours of 7:05 and 9:51 (American Time) that same night, while Harry Leroy Halladay III- with whom I've all the while been proposing a visit to the Philadelphia Zoo- was throwing seven scoreless innings, Ross Gload proceeded to go 3-4 with four RBIs. More so than for proving me prophetic (I also called taking two out of three and losing the game I got sun burned at), I'm grateful (as we all should be and trust are) to the Gload for helping Doc end that stupid skid that wasn't entirely his fault. Okay then.

Found below is my representation of a first-hand account (LAWRENCE, YO) of the postgame interaction between misters Halladay and Gload.


  1. Holy crap, Ross Gload is He-Man? This makes so much sense now.

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