Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sir Perfect McPoptart the Red Panda Update: A Pictorial

A lot of ZWR fans have been asking (and rightfully so, what with how awesome he is) for a Sir Perfect update. As it turns out, the little guy has been pretty darned busy, and quite the traveler--which is weird because he lives in a zoo. But anyway, below are a few snapshots from Sir Perfect McPoptart of Cutterham's recent travels. He was also nice enough to provide commentary.

This is me and ZWR meeting Cole Hamels at my first trip to Citizen's Bank Park. ZWR finally found it in his heart to spring for some 400 level tickets, and through his A-list media connections, was able to score us a behind-the-scenes all access tour. While I'm told Cole is not actually a marsupial, he did have a pouch-like apparatus attached to his mid-section. Bewildering as that was, you can imagine my surprise when a small, rodent-like creature emerged from said pouch and shouted at me. The spastic little sod, how rude! Although I can't quite translate it to the refined brand of English I'm accustomed to, I suppose the best parallel is, "ruff."

Strawberry vs. Blueberry. Red vs. Blue. A classic, timeless matchup. What to choose? Sometimes though, when I'm feeling rather devilish, I like to smash them together and make one big frosted Pop Tart sandwich. I call it, "Perfectly Purple" As they say: om nom nom nom nom

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrr zzzzzz rrrrrrrrrrrr



  1. I thought the Red Panda was playing hockey for the Flyers, but it was really Claude Giroux after all.

  2. Sir Perfect McPoptart of Cutterham

  3. Heathcliff SolcumbJune 23, 2010 at 11:08 AM

    Vuvuzela! Vzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  4. While Sir Perfect is one of the cutest motherfuckers I've ever seen, I don't get why you didn't adopt a penguin.


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