Thursday, June 10, 2010

So Roy Halladay Did Not Pitch Yesterday (SRHDNPY)

Because he wanted to use his slow cooker and watch the Flyers game last night, Roy Halladay made it rain. Not in the Pacman Jones sense--more like Hurricane Schwartz--but you get what I'm saying. Further (though not entirely related), while putzing around the house he found the garden hose had been broken while tilling the soil and planting earlier in the week, and also noticed a large water gun was left in the front yard. He briefly day-dreamed the absurdity of Roy Halladay, stoic ace pitcher, doing the Soulja Boy dance in his front yard while actually holding a Super Soaker, but the thought passed as he quickly realized he didn't know any of the actual dance steps.

He pitches tonight. Roy will miss Friends and Seinfeld but I'm sure he has a DVR so it's okay


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  1. Seriously Zoo, you might be the funniest mother funker alive in my book right now. This ish is absolutely hilarious. Right down to the bonus video. I still have a man crush on you, in a totally hetero want to grab a buffalot chicken wrap and some ice cold lemonades way.


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