Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So Roy Halladay THREW A PERFECT GAME a few days ago (5.29.10 vs. Marlins)

Not really much to say about this one (that I didn't already say on Deadspin).

Instead, you get a poem I just wrote in 9 seconds:

Nine large, powerful Marlins,
their lineup--no joke.

Twenty-seven tiny, flailing Marlins
all their faces broke.

Ho-hum. SRHPY posts don't get much easier than that, folks--although technically this was a SRHTAPGAFDA post.

ZWR will have more throughout the week. But because I'd like to milk this savor this PERFECT GAME, you're getting it piece meal. I mean, it's not like Roy is going to throw another perfect game. Until at least October, anyway.

Mostly right now though I wanted to share this wallpaper sent in by our buddy Andy from SeasonTicketPhotos. He didn't take the picture but he photoshopped it up right good and sent it to us for you, the dear readers of ZWR. Click for full size.

Next Day Edit: Have to add this. Just sent in by ZWR featured artist Jacki.


  1. your poem is almost as perfect as roy. almost. but for realz, goosebumps. i got em.

  2. chooch is always there to make a perfect photo-op. dude is on in.


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