Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sound Investing

A lot gets made by the fans and the media (there are infinite outlets, so they have to find/make stories- ZWR lesson of the day, y'all) about player salaries, and to an extent I can understand why. I more often than not take a "dude I'm not paying it so I don't care if Ryan Howard just got a bazillion dollars and yeah it may be a bad deal in 2014 but I mean I got bigger things to worry about besides we've been the best team in the National League the last two years and won the division three in a row and were wFc and it's the absolute best time ever for folks my age to be a Phillies fan so I just can't go around fretting sorry if that's naive but for real" approach.

With that said, I have taken a moment to validate that about which I was already absolutely certain, the financial soundness (via a simple net Roy value calculation) of the decision to acquire and sign to an extension the guy I'm gonna go to the zoo with. (Yeah, old finance textbook getting opened!)

So, yeah, we got that going for us.


  1. You should see today's scientific calculators, they all come with an 'eleventyfive' button. It really makes doing this kind of mathematics much, much easier.

  2. our google ads have never been less appropriate

  3. I'm not a math genius, but the final calculation looks correct to me! I'm sure the most interesting man in the world would agree. Stay thirsty, my friends.


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