Monday, June 14, 2010

Todd Helton is a Fashion-Forward Gentleman of Leisure

As it has become the stuff of legend, you're all well aware of ZWR enthusiast/lunatic Dave's bold gesture of buying a shirt for Rockies manager Jim Tracy. You also undoubtedly know that shortly thereafter Ryan Spilborghs (easier read than said) was seen in possession of the same shirt (whether his own or stolen from Tracy, we do not know). WELL (<- impact, yo), now thirty seven-year veteran and goatee impresario Todd Helton's getting in on the act. Check this out, from the Toronto Sun.

(Block quote for those of you too lazy to click the last link):


Todd Helton has a T-shirt in his locker sent to him Jim Tracy from a Philadelphia Phillies fan which reads: “We have 84 home games, Roy Halladay, Tasers and your signs.”

The Phillies bullpen Mick Billmeyer was accused of stealing Rockies signs the last time Philadelphia was in Denver.

Yes, please.

Questions begged:

  • Wait, are these donkeys just passing around the same shirt? Guys, you make eleventy five millions, please just buy more. I can send you a coupon code that'll get you like a dollar off.
  • Will Helton's performance spike, as has Spilborghs (donkey's hitting .481 with a 1.554 OPS and 6.391 DGAR)
  • Is anyone crying?!

I'm not saying I like them, but the Rockies aren't my least favorite team at the moment. (Thanks to The Good Phight for the tip)

p.s. would it kill any of these beat writer types to actually take a cotdamn* picture?

* ® The Fightins dot com, LLC

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