Sunday, June 20, 2010

Topical Bolging

Happy Fathers Day, the Minnesota Twins, from your daddy, this guy...

... Harry Leroy Halladay III! BOOM. Granted, if he doesn't throw a complete game some idiot from our donkey patrol bullpen may actually allow you to win the game and all, but that doesn't mitigate the sentiment of this bolg post (I don't think (I'm actually not very good at trash talk)).

A Note to Jon Rauch
Dude, I know you're pretty hardcore edgy extreme what with those awesome tattoos, and I enjoyed your guest piece in The National Journal on American subsidies to Brazilian cotton farmers, but (permit this) I don't really think this is the coolest song- or perhaps more appropriately put portraying the image you go for. Nonetheless, who am I to deny a request? Ummmm...  here you go:


  1. That's turrible, just turrible..... Really turrible

  2. Wow. Mezmerizing. I almost watched the whole thing. Happy father's day


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