Friday, June 18, 2010

ZWR In The... Nursery?, Polanco Knows The Lingo

I'm a sucker for babies, and take requests like a needy DJ. As such, I was helpless to granting the wish of a Happy Birthday message to the bolg's first "So Cutered" baby, Charlie. Have a great one, little guy. Go nuts and puke in hidden places of you parents' house- you won't be able to do that again without conscience for at least another 17 years.

Ainoes, rite?

Also, it's nice to see that the picture I drew of him getting eaten by an elephant has led to Placido Polanco making a concerted effort to work bolg jargon into his everyday vocabulary. Credit to reader Bill for tipping me off to this:
"It kept going away from me. I was going to make an effort," Polanco said.
Kendrick said the catch reminded him of the daring play Jeter once made at the old Yankee Stadium, a headfirst hurdle into the stands against Boston. Polanco rated his play a bit below that one.
"It was a good play, but not that great," Polanco said. "He broke his face."

Oh, and one last thing: suck it, the Yankees.


  1. That's my baby boy and lovely wife! Congrats, Charlie on your first birthday!

    (BTW, went to his first game @ 3 weeks, 1 day. Watched Kentucky Joe get a win over Zach Duke. Lidge got the save.)

  2. Couldn't one argue that this lingo is actually all stolen from Aaron Rowand?

    Too soon?


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