Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Stuff

This email I enjoyed receiving. It's from ZWR enthusiast Jill, who- much like all of you who read the bolg and are so kind to me- rules:
Ohai ZWR!
My birthday recently just passed and my fiancée, upon giving me my presents (multiple, holler), said 'there is something else in the mail but its not here yet...'.
I had no idea what it could be.
That Friday he picked me up from work, said 'Happy Birthday again, here's your last present.'  An effin Wertz shirt!  I wore it to the game that night, we sat in right field so Wertz HAD to have seen it (right?), saw an amazing comeback by the Phils AND then had watermelon water ice in the parking lot while watching the fireworks.
What a great birthday.  Thanks for making the Wertz shirt, it made my birthday that much better :)


  1. Um ... Raul is in right field.

  2. ^^ Is this person forreals?

  3. multiple? way to bring the stamina, fiance.

    everyone knows raul platoons in left with pete incaviglia.


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