Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An MS Paint Tribute to Domonic Brown (Domonic Brown), feat. Domonic Brown

Seen below, Phils right fielding, number-9-wearing rookie sensation and NL Rookie of Year MVP candidate Domonic Brown is strong at the plate, smart in the field, blazing on the bases, and smooth with the ladies. Domonic Brown.

He's (Domonic Brown) also big on Twitter.

Click to view full size Domonic Brown!

Frequently Asked Question

Q: BUT ZWR, WILL THERE BE A (Domonic Brown) T-SHIRT? THERE'S ALWAYS A T-SHIRT (until that one time when there wasn't!)

A: Shutup! Scroll down!

Yes, it is also available in brown.

And, I didn't consult my lawyer on this, so, you know.


  1. the white girls are a nice touch

  2. Ladies' shirt, please. The ladies also love Domonic Brown.

  3. tshirt, in brown of course, ordered. and no, i'm not Meech

  4. They are nice but need the ZWR penguin also. You know like Lauren and the pony.

  5. Meech ordered two. One for wearing, and one for his... messes.

  6. oh that is me wearing the pink dress

  7. i'm bummed that only 4 of dom's 6 tools are on display in this mouse portrait.

  8. Howard's mentoring has rubbed off on Dom so much that Dom now prefers the white women now as well?

  9. Who's Nate and why is Dom on him?


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