Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Open Letter to Charlie Manuel


I'm not one to ask for favors, but I need you to do me a solid: please move Roy Halladay up a day in the rotation. You see, as it stands, HLHIII is slated to miss the entire series against the Natinals in DC. This is a tragesty! At the very best, I now have to wait until the last week of September for another chance to see him without making the looooong trip back home to Philly (I loathe driving through Delaware, mind you). I know he pitched a little bit in the All-Star Game (btw congrats) but, I mean, he doesn't need to be all the way until Sunday.

Dude and for real you do realize that if you moved him up a day we'd be looking at Halladay/Strasboner on Sunday the 1st, right (look below, I analyzed their schedule)? If nothing else, don't deprive the rest of the donkeys of that.


  1. i could be crazy, but maybe you should get the correct copy of the schedule

  2. What the fuck kinda schedule is this?


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