Monday, July 19, 2010

Randy Moss with a Penguin and a Walrus (A ZooWith _____ Trendspotting Update)

The wrong caption would totally ruin this moment.

The concept is catching on, people. I'm telling you.

All celeb athletes now want to be seen at the zoo (aquarium--whatever). So someone please forward this link to Roy's Hotmail account. Not that Roy would ever seek to emulate Randy Moss in any conceivable fashion, but you get the idea. Thx.

(Link via SB Nation Boston who got the link and picture from somewhere else who got the link and picture from somewhere else, where I then at some point came across it Twitter in some kind of web-like convoluted fashion- I don't know, the whole thing is very confusing. But SB Nation Boston gets the credit, I guess.)

ZWR was linked on Deadspin this morning (however, the shirt featured in the article was nowhere near the best t-shirt to appear on TV during the Phils v. Cubs series) , and AJ Daulerio referred to Roy as "Lord of the Penguins." Works for me. Oh, and welcome Deadspin readers. Make yourself at home, click an ad, buy a t-shirt. Try the stromboli.


  1. i wish keith hernandez and walt frasier would visit that walrus and tell him that his beard is weird and his stache is trash.

  2. Randy Moss with C.C. Sabathia and Nick Swisher! Sweet! Nice work Zoo.

  3. I always want to be on your side
    Love to look at your smile
    You may not understand it
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    Much of my time i was thinking of you


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