Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Roy Halladay Does Not Lose All-Star Games

2/3 of an inning were all Roy needed to single-handedly end the drought. AP photo.

“They wanted to try to get me in the game and keep it short,” Halladay said. “As a starter you want to keep yourself rested for the second half, so for me it was win-win.”

If the Phils are fortunate enough to get to the World Series, it will be win-win-win for Halladay because of the home-field advantage that the NL earned with the win.

“You never want to be on the wrong side of a streak like that,” said Halladay, referring to the NL’s 13-year winless streak. “It’s nice to be able to end it. In the dugout, after the last out, guys were really excited.”

- Jim Salisbury,, yo


  1. zwr, love your stuff man, but the "yo" thing's getting a little old. pull it out once in a while.


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