Monday, July 26, 2010

So Roy Halladay Pitched, and Took A Lot of Pictures, this Weekend (awesomeness)

So Roy threw 8 scoreless Friday evening. 9Ks, 1 walk, blah blah blah so cuttered, faces broke, donkeys, obligatory MS Paint animation, etc...

But then, on Saturday, Roy broke even more faces by appearing in pictures with Phillies fans. Fortunately for me (and you), many of said fans happened to be ZWR readers (and patrons).



ZWR Reader Stacy, shown here modeling the shirt Fox made famous (pre-MLBPA edition)

Roy, Stacy, and some other donkey (note: not wearing ZWR shirt)

Ryan Madson laughing at Stacy's shirt, which does in fact rule.
Ryan Madson thinks I'm hilarious.
Ryan Madson hasn't read the softball post.

According to Stacy, Jimmy Rollins read the shirt and said, "That's good!!" Thanks Jimmy, I like your work too.

A huge thanks to Stacy and Elizabeth for sending in these pictures! If anyone else was at photo day this weekend, send pics to the Z-mail up in the menu bar


  1. Roy's smile. *smitten*

  2. funny thing- i'm elizabeth, who sent in the top photo of my friend heather (birmcori on twitter). i don't know stacy- but she sat right next to us in section 104 and we talked about how much we love ZWR. ;->

  3. Roy Halladay can smile? ZOMG

  4. The "donkey" in the picture above actually bought the shirt for his wife's (Stacy) birthday today!! By the way section 104 ROCKED (and roasted) on Saturday.

  5. You're not Elizabeth! You're Anonymous you donkey

  6. More hot chicks in ZWR gear, plz!

  7. Stacy's GRowL is nearing Roy's, in my view.

  8. Mr. Halladay has a very handsome smile


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